SynAudCon Offers Practical Training

in Audio and Acoustics

With 10 years of online training experience, our training is mature and time tested

Designed to instruct, challenge, and inspire.

Online training is the future. Your time, your place, your pace.

Eight Online Courses Designed To

Enhance Audio Competence

How Sound Systems Work? (Updated!)

“Sound System Essentials, Setup and Operation”

12 RUs? |? 6 CEUs

Principles of Audio

“The Technical Principles of Sound Systems”

16 RUs | 8 CEUs

Transformer-Distributed Loudspeaker Systems

“Theory, design and troubleshooting”

9 RUs? |? 4.5 CEUs

Digital Signal Processing

“Theory and Application of DSP”

12 RUs? |? 6 CEUs

Equalization (New!)

“A Systematic Approach to Sound System Tuning”

RUs – coming soon

Signal Chain Optimization (Updated!)

“A Systematic Approach to Signal Chain Optimization”

18 RUs? |? 7 CEUs

Advanced Equalization (New!)

“Equalization With Greater Breadth and Depth”

RUs – coming soon

Sound Reinforcement for Designers

“Designing Clear and Intelligible Systems”

20 RUs | 10 CEUs

New for 2020

For 25 years, people have raved about Pat’s demonstrations in the in-person training seminars. They seem to make the light bulbs come on!?

Now everyone can enjoy these demos in our online training.

Recorded live teaching segments of Pat’s demos will be added to our online training.

Watch an example video of one of these “active demos”.

How does SynAudCon

cut years off of the

learning curve with

our online training?

Our Approach

The courses are created by Pat Brown, who is ranked among the best teachers in the industry and has over 40 years of experience.

He has sifted through the vast sea of audio information and presents only the things that really matter using physics, not marketing jargon.

SynAudCon training is design to instruct, challenge and to inspire, teaching the?theory and methods? and applies them to today’s technology so that audio practitioners can be problem solvers.

He uses a practical and easy-to-understand approach to learning by using analogies, continuous animations, active demos, visual calculators, & scenarios.

All training is approved for CEUs – including RUs.

There’s More …

Recent articles from SynAudCon Library

Does your company need private training?


SynAudCon will come to your company and give you a customized training seminar.

  • Yes, it is taught by Pat Brown.
  • Yes, it is customized to meet your company’s needs.
  • Yes, it is approved for Renewal Units

Limited dates available

Do you enjoy learning through a community?


If so, you will enjoy our membership.? It includes

  • SynAudCon private forum
  • You willl be first to receive the latest educational articles from SynAudCon.
  • It is only $30/year.

Learn something new every day!


Manufacturers worldwide supports SynAudCon training.

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